Natural Swiftlet Base

Our company boasts of having more than 41 bases spanning a total area of ​​22,000 sq m that serve as a natural habitat of edible-nest swiftlets.

Armed with the right knowledge and experience in designing and constructing these swiftlet houses, we provide high-quality natural environment for the swiftlets coupled with state-of-the-art technology to attract them in building nests in the houses.

Edible bird nest is built by the swiftlets during breeding using salivary gland secretions, which have rich nutritional value. The entire process from nesting to abandonment lasts up to 120 days.

Snow Deer Bird Nest Essence


Snow Deer Bird Nest Essence can be served cold or warm. It can also be consumed together with milk, honey, red date soup, porridge or other combination of your preference. Just grab it, twist to open the cap and consume it directly – the easy and convenient way to maintain wellness.

⇨No preservative      ⇨No artificial colouring      ⇨No stabiliser      ⇨Manually cleaned

Specification: 6 bottles in a pack
Net weight: 60ml/bottle
Content: ≤ 2g dried bird nest
Ingredients: Bird nest, purified water, rock sugar

Specification: 5 bottles in a pack
Net weight: 80ml/bottle
Content: ≤ 3g dried bird nest
Ingredients: Bird nest, purified water, rock sugar

Specification: 3 bottles in a pack
Net weight: 165ml/bottle
Content: ≤ 4g dried bird nest
Ingredients: Bird nest, purified water, American Ginseng slices, rock sugar

Specification: 3 bottles in a pack
Net weight: 165ml/bottle
Content: ≤ 4g dried bird nest
Ingredients: Bird nest, purified water, red dates, wolfberry, honey rock sugar

Snow Deer Premium Bird Nest

The raw material (maoyan) requirements for bird nest are stricter than that of other grades. It is necessary to opt for those that are more beautiful in cup shape and with lesser impurities before manually removing the remaining small feathers and other impurities. The Snow Deer Premium Bird Nest is the finest bird nest that is in milky white or beige in colour and beautiful in shape, making it a suitable choice for festive gifts.

Snow Deer Magie Bird Nest

Bird nest in strands are raw materials (maoyan) of incomplete shapes. This bird nest is flattened and air-dried naturally after having its impurities manually removed. The strip-shaped bird nest is pretty tasty. It is suitable for home consumption or to be processed into ready-to-drink bird nest.

Snow Deer Corner Bird Nest

It is referred to as the tips at both ends of the bird nest attached to the plank wood. “Considered” as the base of the bird nest, it is relatively harder, thicker and denser in comparison to other parts of a bird nest. With higher saliva concentration, its chewy texture and aromatic taste makes it one of the all-time favourites among health-conscious food lovers.

Snow Deer Biscuit Bird Nest

When cleaning the swallow nest cup, the uneven part of the cup base will be trimmed and the impurities removed. All that is left will be the broken filaments in the nest cup (that serves as a protection net after the swallows lay their eggs). The separated strands and broken filaments are arranged to make nest cakes that are generally oval in shape and look like a biscuit. The nutritional value of nest cake is similar to that of a bird nest and those in strands but the taste is not as good after it is soaked in water. Hence, it is generally eaten at home or processed into ready-to-eat bird nest.

The cleaning and processing centre for Snow Deer bird nest is located in Raub, Pahang. Aside from manufacturing its range of bird’s nest products, the company also offers cleaning services.

Bird nest that are harvested from their man-made houses will be transported to the factory for sterilisation and cleaning before having its impurities removed manually and later processed into clean bird’s nest or other by-products.

The first process

Sterilise, select and classify them according to grades

The second process

Clean and remove any impurities manually

The third process

Air dry, shape and clean

The fourth process

Sterilisation and quality inspection

The fifth process

Labelling, packaging and storage


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